Aira’s High Pressure Control Valves

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Aira Euro Automation is a brand name for quality valves. Here we are going to discuss the aira’s High-pressure control valves. Generally, every valve carries some amount of pressure during active position or stopping the fluid in the pipeline. But the question is how much pressure will be called high pressure? Relax guys, we will discuss all aspects of high pressure and after reading this article, you will be easily select the suitable valve for your pressurized fluid pipeline.

Let’s see how much pressure is called high pressure? As per the international measurement, if the flow pressure is more or equal to 500 PSI, it will be called high pressure. The high-pressure flow can damage the valve and start leaking if you use an inappropriate low pressure valve. This incident can lead to cost and waste. If the pipeline carries inflammable liquid or gas, it can lead to a fire.

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What is a High-Pressure Valve?

A valve that can load more than 500 PSI working pressure without any damage to the valve body will be called the high pressure valve. Generally, the high pressure control valves use actuators for operation. The pneumatic actuators and electric motors are power sources for these types of valves. Usually, petrochemicals and oil refineries neglect electric motors and adopt pneumatic actuator operated valves. The pneumatic actuator provides spark-free action that is safe and secure against fire explosions.

angle control valve

High-Pressure Control Valve

The Aira Euro Automation offers 2/2 way and 3/2 way Pneumatic actuator operated straight type high pressure control valves. The aira’s high pressure control valves can sustain pressure up to 42 Bar which is equal to 609 PSI. Its working temperature is up to 180°C. This valve comes in a ½” inch to 2.½” inch size range with a screw and flange end connection. With an Aluminum or Stainless Steel body pneumatic actuators come in either single-acting or double-acting actuation. Its operating cycles are 350 to 650 per hour. The 3/2 way high pressure control valve is used for mixing and diverting applications. The 3/2 way valve is mostly used in FMCG, Paint, and the petrochemical industries.

Despite this control valve, Aira Euro Automation also offers a high pressure ball valve. This ball valve can bear up to 500 Bar working pressure which is similar to 7250 PSI. This high pressure ball valve body is made from Forged Carbon or Stainless Steel 304, or Stainless Steel 316. The high pressure ball valve can work in a cold atmosphere with -20°C to hot temperatures up to 180°C. 

In places where there is a high flow pressure such as in water plants, water parks, chemical plants, etc., high-pressure ball valves are generally used. The industries in which they operate store large quantities of fluids and use them as needed.


The high pressure control valve is the ideal valve to control high pressure fluids. In addition, Aira Euro Automation offers a 3/2 way high pressure control valve to provide more ease and neglect multiple valve requirements at the same place.