Best Control Valves Manufactured by Aira Euro

Control Valve

Hello readers, in the previous article we learned about control valves and how it works. Moving forward, in this article we are going to explore the various control valves. The Aira Euro Automation offers a wide range of pneumatic control valves. Including single acting and double acting actuated control valves, Aira also offers various types of control valves. Here we discuss a few of them with their working capacity and designs. So let’s take a brief look at it.

Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve

The PDPVY model Single & Double Acting Pneumatic Diaphragm Control Valve is designed with Tri Clover end connections. These control valves are available in ½” to 4” inch sizes. It can sustain pressure up to 5Kg/cm² and temperature up to 80°C. The diaphragm and seals are made from either Rubber or Teflon material.

Angle Type On/Off Control Valve

The single acting and double acting pneumatic actuators come in Aluminium or S.S. 304 body. Its operating pressure should be varied according to size. 4.5 to 7 BAR for 1/2″ to 2″inch size and 5 to 7 Bar for 2.1/2″ to 4″inch. Provided air connection is ¼” inch BSP and NPT also available on request. The 2/2 way Pneumatic Single & Double Acting Angle Type On/Off Control Valves are present in four models: SRT, ASV, SRK, and TOF. All of these models are available in ½” to 4” inch sizes. The valve body and bonnet are made from CF8, CF8M, or CF3M casting materials. I can sustain pressure up to 10 BAR and temperature up to 220°C. Available in screwed and flanged end connections. These angle type control valves are widely known as Y-type control valves.

Control Valve

Globe Type On / Off Valve

The 2/2 Way Pneumatic Single & Double Acting Globe Type On / Off Control Valves are available with normally open and normally closed positions. The pneumatic actuator can run 350 to 650 cycles per hour. This valve is available in four models: GKS, GKF, AGS, and AGF. Up to 180°C temperature sustaining capacity and Up to 10 BAR pressure capacity this valve comes with bubble tight leakage or Class VI Shutoff. It has screwed or flange end connections.

Pneumatic Straight Type Mixing & Diverting High Pressure Control Valve

The 2/2 way and 3/2 Way Single & Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator operated Straight Type Mixing & Diverting High Pressure Control Valves are available in a ½” to 2.½” inch size range. It also has four models respectively: 3CVS, 3CVF, 3ACS, and 3ACF. The Aluminum or S.S. 304 body pneumatic actuator required 4.5 to 7 BAR operating pressure for ½” to 2” inch sized valve, whereas 5 to 7 BAR operating pressure is required for 2.½” sized valve. These high pressure control valves can sustain pressure up to 42 BAR. 

There are also four different models available in mixing & diverting medium pressure control valves. The 3LCS, 3LCF, 3ALCS, and 3ALCF are medium pressure control valves, which can sustain pressure up to 10 BAR.


Aira Euro Automation has designed various control valves to fulfil all your requirements. They have a wide range of pneumatic actuator operated control valves. Either you can select the appropriate valves for your factory or you can get help from the engineers of aira euro automation for selecting the suitable valves for your application.