Butterfly Valves for Fire Protection

Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valves are mostly known for lightweight and low-cost control over the flow in fire sprinkler and standpipe systems.

The butterfly valves separate or regulates the flow of fluid through piping systems. They can be used with gases, liquids, and also for semi-solids. Butterfly Valves in fire safety are considered to control valves; they are only used to turn on or turn off the water flow to the pipes serving fire sprinklers or standpipe systems.

In this article, we explain how they work, and the various types of butterfly valves used in Fire safety.

How Does a Butterfly Valve Work in a Fire Safety System?

In fire safety systems, all tools are required to quickly come into action. A butterfly valve for fire protection is used to start, stop and throttle the water flow via quick rotation of an internal disc. When the disc is parallel to the water flow, it allows the water to pass freely. The butterfly valve disc will stay in the water flow at all times without interrupting the flow. When you rotate the disc up to 90 degrees, the disc becomes a barrier to stopping the water flow. 

Butterfly Valves
Butterfly Valves

The handwheel controls the disc’s rotation. It is connected to the disc and position indicator via a rod or a stem. Whenever you rotate the handwheel, the connected stem also rotates the indicator and valve disc. A position indicator is usually a brightly colored piece fitted out of the valve body. This valve position indicator shows the direction of the disc facing. This helps the operator to identify the disc position and get an idea of the valve situation whether the valve is open or closed.

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The positioner indicator plays a key role in keeping the fire protection systems. Butterfly Valves serve as control valves because they can close the water to fire sprinkler or standpipe systems or sections of them. Suppose the valve is left in a closed position leads to significant accidents and defenseless the building. The position indicators help the firefighters and building maintenance staff to spot a closed valve and re-open it quickly.

The butterfly valves come with various end connection types, including wafer-type end connections, lug-type end connections, and flange end connections. These valves require less maintenance and they do not face such problems in an unused stage as jamming or getting stuck in the middle. The butterfly valves are adaptive for fire protection because of their simple mechanism. Because if the valve does not work properly, any fireman can handle that valve with proper tools.

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