Introduction of a 3-way Control Valve

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We all know that valves allow and interrupt the fluid flow as per the commands given by the operator. But the control valves are used to get some extraordinary results. We already know 2 way control valves deeply, if you have not read the article, What is Control Valve & How Does it Works then click here now. So here we are going to introduce you to a 3 way control valve.

If I am not wrong right now you are thinking ‘why do we need a 3-way control valve?’ so the answer is very simple, the 3-way control valves are either used for mixing or diverting the fluid flow. In a constant fluid flow, the bi-directional ports of a 3-way control valve allow the fluid to flow through the valve in either mixing or diverting conditions. This valve has three ports A, B, and AB. ports A & B can be used as inlet ports for mixing purposes and port AB can also be used as an inlet port in diverting requirements. A 3 way control valve is a more efficient control option instead of using multiple 2-way control valves

How Does it 3 way Control Valve Works?

In a 3 way control valve, there are three main components: (i) valve body (ii) actuator (iii) plug or spindle. The valve body comes with three bi-directional ports. The pneumatic or an electric actuator can be used to move the plug or spindle upwards and downwards to adjust flow or temperature by opening or closing the ports. As it comes with bi-directional ports, the same valve can be used in all two conditions for mixing and diverting. 

In the mixing application, two different fluids enter the valve via Ports A and port B. These two fluids mix in the valve body and flow out via outlet port AB. While in the diverting application, fluid comes in through inlet port AB and diverts the fluid flow from port A to port B and from port B to port A as per the command received from the operator.


  • Heating & Cooling
  • Hot oil
  • Water & Steam applications

It is very important to orient the valves properly when using 3 way control valves in mixing or diverting.


  • Wood
  • Automotive
  • Food
  • Marine
  • Petroleum 
  • Municipal Steam

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