Small Overview & Types of Aira’s Safety Valve

POP type Safety Valve

Hello readers, In the previous article, we discussed the purposes of the Safety Valve. Today we will discuss the aira’s safety valves. The safety valve can be defined as a valve that discharges a certain amount of fluid when a predetermined safe pressure is exceeded automatically without the assistance of any outside energy other than that of the fluid itself and which is designed to reclose and prevent further flow of fluid after normal pressure condition is restored. Since 1990, Aira Euro Automation has been leading the valve industry with quality products. The Aira Euro Automation has developed two types of safety valves: one is an angle type silent Safety valve and the other one is POP type Safety Valve. Let’s explore these valves.

The Angle Type Silent Safety Valve

The PLF model angle type silent feature Safety Valves are specially designed for third generation process industries. This valve’s maximum inlet pressure is up to 21 BAR and a high inlet pressure valve is also available on request. The Pressure adjusting range is 0.5 ~ 10 BAR & 10 ~ 20 BAR. This valve is available with screwed and flange end connections in ½” to 4” inch size. 80°C is the maximum temperature capacity for water and 180°C for steam. CF8 or CF8M casting materials are used to make the body and NBR or VITON used for the seat. This safety valve can be used for Water, Gas, Air and Low Temperature oil. 

POP type Safety Valve
POP type Safety Valve

POP Type Safety Valve

The PTF model safety valve is a most common safety valve in the valve industry. The POP type Safety Valve is also known as spring loaded safety valve. In this model, the hand lever is provided to lift the valve manually to ensure the valve is operational. The valve body and bonnet are made from either WCB or CF8 or CF8M casting material. The metal to metal seating alignment provides maximum temperature sustainability up to 300°C. Generally, it can sustain pressure up to 20 BAR but a high pressure sustaining valve is also available on request. This safety valve is available in ½” to 4” inch size with screwed and flange end connection.

The aira euro automation only makes IBR approved safety valves and follows all international standards to make these safety valves. Due to this aira euro automation has established world wide reputation and business as well.