Why Aira Euro Automation Best for Kuwait’s Industries

Valve Suppliers in Kuwait

Hello everyone, after reading the title you have definitely got to know about the article topic. Aira Euro Automation is a global manufacturer and supplier of industrial valves. We supply our quality products to major cities of Kuwait like Al Ahmadi, Hawalli, Al Farwaniyah, Al Fahahil, Ar Riqqah, Al Manqaf, Al Jahra, Al Fintas, and Janub as Surrah.

Why Choose Aira Euro Automation?

Our industrial valves are made from high-grade quality raw materials. Because of this, we are able to provide the highest quality performance valve for your applications. We have in-house production inventory to deliver a massive production on committed time with quality.

Customer Service

In caring for our precious clients we test and examine our products from all 360° aspects. To ensure quality and performance, we have a separate inspection team that checks the final products before delivery. Because of this, we gain the trust of our clients and also we offer after-sales services. 

Product Range

Pneumatic Rotary Actuators

We offer various types and sizes of industrial valves, including automation valves, manual valves, and high-pressure valves. We offer a 4 years warranty on pneumatic rotary actuators. Which are ATEX, CE, and SIL approved. We provide these pneumatic actuators in aluminium bodies and stainless steel bodies. As for the mechanism, our actuators are available in both single-acting & double acting with rack & pinion based and scotch yoke actuators are available. Our pneumatic rotary actuators can generate up to 1,10,000NM torque. We have 90°, 180°, and three-position rotary actuators.

Ball Valves

We have a huge range of industrial ball valves. We offer ball valves with flanged end, screwed end, tri-clover end, and but weld end connections. For various applications, we have various ball valves like V-notch ball valves, Extended Shaft Ball Valves, Flush Bottom Ball Valves, Jacketed Ball Valves, and Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves. For special applications, we also offer UPVC ball valves, Polypropylene Ball Valves, and FEP or PFA lined Ball Valves. We maintain all international standards in the making of ball valves including single-body ball valves, two-piece design ball valves, and three-piece design ball valves. For mixing or diverting applications we have 3-way, 4-way, and 5-way ball valves. Our high-pressure ball valve can sustain pressure up to 200Kg/cm² and fire-safe design ball valves are also available on request. These ball valves can be operated by a pneumatic rotary actuator or manual hand lever and manual gear.

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Butterfly Valves

Aira Euro Automation offers various types and sizes of butterfly valves. We have an eccentric butterfly valve, double offset butterfly valve, and triple offset butterfly valve. These butterfly valves come in three types of end connections, wafer type, lug type, and Flange end connection. For the specific applications, we have a cement butterfly valve, rubber-lined butterfly valve, FEP/PFA lined butterfly valve, Teflon sleeved butterfly valve, PTFE sleeve butterfly valve, and UPVC butterfly valve. We have API 609 certificate for our butterfly valves. All these butterfly valves can be operated either by a pneumatic rotary actuator or manual hand lever and manual gear.

Pneumatic Control Valves

The pneumatic control valves are available in two-way and three-way types. We have various designs in control valves like Y-type angle control valves, Globe-type control valves, straight-type control valves, high-pressure control valves, and rubber-lined control valves.

High-Pressure Valves

We have categorized the high-pressure valves under manual high-pressure valves. In this category, we have a resilient seated gate valve, Needle valve, float valve, piston valve, disc check valve, nonreturn valve, globe type control valve, and balancing valve.

Valve Suppliers in Kuwait
Valve Suppliers in Kuwait

Solenoid Valves

Our solenoid valves come in a wide range of features. Valve sizes range from 1/2″ to 6″ and can withstand working temperatures of -5°C to 180°C in addition to sustaining pressures of 0.5 BAR to 110 BAR.  We provide flameproof coils in all voltages from 12V to 230V AC and DC. Screwed, flanged, and tri-clamp end connections are available for these solenoid valves.

Plug Valves

We have a wide selection of pneumatically or manually operated 2 and 3-way plug valves, and we also customize them according to customer needs. The plug valve is generally suitable for liquids like water, chemicals, oil, as well as slurry materials, as well as for steam, gases, etc. As a result, this valve is very useful in chemical industries, oil refineries, water plants, gas pipelines, and many other areas.


Aira Euro Automation is one of the global industrial Valve Suppliers in Kuwait. Who provides all their products with quality and responsibility. They care for their products and clients and believe in long-term business with benefits and assurance.